The challenge

As you have hopefully worked out by now, the South West Stint is a 750 mile tour of the South West, where we will be stopping at over 50 places in 5 days of driving our £150 budget modified cars. Along the journey, we will have no help from mechanics if we break down - just a few tools and our own hands to fix things if they go wrong! Ourselves and the cars will endure over 24 hours of accumulated driving across varying terrains. If that isn't enough of a challenge, we will also be making things harder by introducing further challenges along the way!

The challenge was inspired by our love for cars, driving, the South West - and our desire to raise a considerable amount of money for our chosen charities.

Our challenges

The main one

You know the score... each of the challenge team members has a maximum of £150 to spend on a car. We have also given ourselves another £150 to spend on modifying our cars to get them ready for the challenges that lay ahead. The modify budget is the only money we are allowed to spend on our cars - this includes getting them road worthy and through an MOT. The main challenge is to complete the 750 miles across varying terrain, visiting all of the 50+ stops, all around the South West and to cross the finish line all in one piece!

We will photograph the entire team at each stop, either huddled around a road sign, or holding up a black board with the name on it. The stint is over 5 days, where we will be camping at our checkpoints for each of the 4 nights. 

'Treasure' hunt

The treasure hunt is something we have added on top of the main challenge - which will be on going along the way. As the name suggests, we have to collect a number of items along the way to score bonus points. We will be taking your suggestions for items!

  1. A wheel cover
  2. A piece of drift wood
  3. A stick of rock - bigger the better
  4. Some sand
  5. Some sea water
  6. A teddy bear

The rules

Like any good challenge, there are rules!

  1. All cars must be purchased for £150 or under
  2. All cars must be modified for £150 or under
  3. The cars have to look modified! No turning up in boring stock!
  4. Anything you take off the car and can sell, can be added to your mod budget
  5. Labour charges are included in the mod budget (so we're doing most things ourselves where we can)
  6. Everything you buy specifically for the car has to be counted against the mod price (tools are exempt)
  7. All cars must have a valid MOT, and be driven with tax and insurance